What is NGP?

New Generation Plantations (NGP) brings together people who want to make a positive difference for people and nature through tree plantations.

Over the last decade, NGP has shown that it’s possible for forest plantations to produce timber efficiently and profitably while maintaining ecosystems and contributing to socio-economic development. We want to:

  • Have a positive impact for people and the planet;
  • Inspire people worldwide to welcome well-managed plantations to produce wood and combat climate change;
  • Become a mainstream concept among world landscapes.
New Generation Plantations:

Maintain ecosystem integrity

Protect and enhance high conservation values

Are developed through effective stakeholder involvement processes

Contribute to economic growth and employment

Past, present and future

NGP was created in 2007 by WWF, with the participation of a number of government forest departments and private companies that manage forest plantations. Over the years, it has evolved into a leading platform for sharing knowledge, best practices and collaborative learning about plantations.

Today, NGP is an “ecosystem of collaboration”, bringing together a community of people and organizations from civil society, the private and public sectors and academia to develop solutions that have an impact at a landscape scale. This ecosystem main components are:

1. Forests Forward

Is WWF´s global engagement programme to drive responsible forestry and trade and invest in sustainable forest landscapes. Forests Forward participants work on various aspects of forest management, some of which are focused on implementing the NGP concept.

2. Solutions

Builds on our history of learning and knowledge sharing. It’s a thinking space dedicated to the development of the NGP concept, through study tours, encounters, dialogues and storytelling, and collaborations with companies, NGOs, governments, investors and researchers.

3. Technical Assistance

Provides Forests Forward participants with technical support on implementing the NGP concept, and originates and incubates projects.

4. Bankable Nature Solutions

Links projects that can generate positive environmental and commercial returns with investors.